I made three dresses over the weekend, and that started me thinking of where I get the love of making things from.  My mother and grandmother did the occasional bit of knitting nothing more.  None of my sisters shared my love of craft, apart from my sister Maureen who loved cooking and now makes cakes to order. From these musings I thought back to my childhood, and remembered that the other thing that Maureen loved best was saving her pocket money,  laying all the coins out on the rug in front of the fire, piling them up and counting them.  I on the other hand had holes in my pockets. As soon as Mum or Nan gave us pennies, I would run almost as fast as Usain Bolt to the sweetshop and buy an assortment of goodies, which I would have eaten by the time I got home.

After the initial euphoria of the sugar rush, I would sit looking at those piles of pennies wishing they were mine.   Every Friday, we would go down to Joe Farleys (Farleys was the name of the sweet shop in Farringdon Road where we lived) and collect our comics. Maureen had Jackie, I had Bunty, Kathy or Anne Marie had Twinkle and John had the Beano.




We loved those comics, they filled our heads with stories and kept us amused all week until the following Friday.  I hatched a cunning  plan.  I would make my own comic to sell to my sisters and brother. At the time the bread that my mum bought was called Tiger and came in bright orange wrapping with a picture of a tiger on it.  I collected the used wrappers and decided to make a comic.  It was called Tiger(obviously). I used the pic of the tiger as my logo. I drew and wrote all the stories, taking my inspiration from the comics that we loved. It involved a lot of glueing and sticking and had about six pages. I thought it was fantastic and so did my siblings. I managed to sell it to them for a penny (a meagre sum in my opinion).  It was a weekly and I think I remember that I produced about three editions before I was either rumbled by my mum or I just got bored.  I realise this has nothing what so ever to do with knitting or crochet. It's just an insight into my creative life. But it still has not answered my question where do I get that creativity from. Might have to go on 'Who Do You Think You Are'. Move over Danny Dyer,  I am probably related to Royalty as well. Ha ha.